Baseball / Softball

Falls City Recreation 2024 Baseball/Softball Registration Forms have been given to all of the schools to be distributed to students. Please read the forms carefully, fill it out completely, and if you have any questions then get a hold of Kory Huppert. His number is listed on the form. You can find a link here for the form also.

Falls City Recreation did make some adjustments to their leagues and the rules last season. Our feedback from the parents, coaches, and players was very positive and appreciated. They felt their players in both the baseball and the softball programs got some great opportunities to learn the game better and advance their skills to help them progress. To recap some of the key changes: 1) a change to the age groups to have 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U, 2) coach pitch at the 8U levels (instituted in 2022), 3) players are working on their pitching at the 10U levels (this is also off of a mound for baseball which is something the 10U Tri-County League out of Kansas and the 10U Southeast Nebraska League does not offer and pitching is just done on flat ground), 4) 12U baseball is played with regular baseball rules (this includes regular leading off and stealing), 5) the focus at the 8U and the 10U levels during the regular season is on player development and instruction, with a randomly seeded and more competitive tournament at the end of the season for players to showcase their abilities and what they have learned. We feel our adjustments have helped make our community's recreation league more comparable and at times better for our community's young players when compared to the Tri-County League, which is also a recreation league for the towns in Northeast Kansas, and the Southeast Nebraska League, which is not a "recreation" league but similar for our Southeast Nebraska region. For those wanting the opportunity to do the Falls City Recreation League and a traveling team, we have adjusted our schedule to better serve those players in both the baseball and softball programs. Falls City Recreation continues to find ways to serve the youth in our community and help promote the skills and sportsmanship to better serve the varsity-level programs in our community. 

Baseball/Softball Registration Form
Baseball/Softball Rule Book (2024)